WSOP Ltd. (GmbH)

WSOP is the producer of the CERTUS vehicle test lane and the leader in equipment for vehicle inspection stations in Poland. The company was set up in 1994 and since then we have equipped over 1800 inspection stations and a few hundred car service stations.


We are a producer but we also have equally extensive experience in distributing test lanes manufactured by other producers. Based on our many years experience we were able to create our own product under the CERTUS brand, which is constantly being improved and developed.

We produce:

  • Complete test lanes (for cars, lorries and universal),
  • Brake rollers,
  • Shock absorber testers,
  • Side Slip Tester.

The CERTUS test lane is used for checking the road worthiness of vehicles and testing the technical condition of vehicles. It has been issued the legally required certificates which allow its use in Polish vehicle inspection stations.

bmw-katowiceCERTUS is also employed in car servicing stations (especially authorized service/OEMs stations such as: BMW, MAN, Skoda, Seat and others) as a diagnostic tool before a vehicle is booked in for a repair.

The CERTUS test lane is also used in research and development institutions (e.g. the Silesian University of Technology) as a specialized tool for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics.

We build long-term relations with our customers. We offer warranty and post-warranty servicing as well as on-going technical support.

At the design and construction stage we provide our customers with buildings interior and exterior designs.