Having chosen the CERTUS 3 test lane, the investor will enjoy a wealth of benefits including operational stability, lowering of the costs and possibility of further development. Official technical inspection centers will find CERTUS 3 a modern tool for a speedy and reliable vehicle inspection. Authorized car service stations (OEMs) will enjoy the lane’s extensive range of diagnostic possibilities and software adjustments as well as the ability to choose from a wide variety of additional options and colours to suit the needs of a particular make of a car.

i-4x44×4 testing

certus3-hamulce-zegary-przegladanie-angThe 4×4 testing option makes it possible to take an accurate measurement of the breaking force in most cars of this type (including lorries) produced nowadays. The 4×4 testing using the CERTUS software eliminates the need to use slow-running rollers or a decelerometer. The function makes it possible to test the breaking force of each wheel separately, which means a more thorough overall inspection of the technical condition of the car.

i-kartkaExtended presentation of test results

certus3-przegladanie-wynikow-charakterystyka-hamulca-angCERTUS presents the results of each test in both a basic and an extensive way. This function is particularly useful for authorized car service stations as it allows a very detailed inspection of the technical state of the tested vehicle. The user is presented with a choice of extensive reports from the different devices included in the test lane accompanied by detailed diagrams. These are print-outs from the tests: brakes, suspension and wheel alignment. The extended print-out – in the case of a brake test – includes for instance: rolling resistance, ovality, static and dynamic weight, calculated braking ratio in relation to static/dynamic weight and many others.

i-krzyzykRoller exit assist

Many users face the problem of some vehicles’ (e.g. truck-tractors) driving axles not being able to exit the roller area after having been tested. In the CERTUS 3 test lane the problem has been solved using a special roller exit assist procedure based on inverters. In the case of passenger cars the effect is achieved by turning on the roller drive automatically, which is particularly useful for testing vehicles with an automatic gear box and delivery vans.


certus3_waga-cmy1kThe weight option facilitates the precise technical state inspection of a vehicle by using the result of the weight measurement for braking ratio. This enables the user to obtain extremely accurate results. The axle weight measurement is also useful in transport bases and other places where vehicles are often weighted to avoid exceeding the axle load limits.

i-ampliHelp in diagnosing knocks and noises

A suspension tester may be used as a handy tool for finding the cause of knocks in the suspension and body of vehicles. By means of a remote control it is possible to turn on the device for a moment in order to cause wheel vibrations of frequency and amplitude simulating road conditions. This makes it possible to find sources of knocks, squeaks and other undesirable noises generated in the suspension and vehicle body during driving. In a more advanced option the input function may be changed in 2 Hz steps.

i-archiArchiving and printing test results

CERTUS makes it possible to archive test results in a comprehensive way. It also allows the user to put in test results from devices external to the test lane (e.g.: opacimeter, exhaust-gas analyzer, tire tread depth meter etc.) by using a keyboard and then archiving and printing them out jointly.

i-newOpenness to new technical challenges

Due to the modern structure of the CERTUS 3 software it is possible to introduce changes into the system and to adjust the devices to the particular needs of the users. Such a solution also protects them from the risk of high costs should the need to adapt the devices to new legal regulations arise. CERTUS can be easily adjusted to new requirements and periodical updates of the software ensure that its users can easily bring older devices up to date.