The main aim of the CERTUS 3 test lane designers was to achieve high durability of the devices by a careful choice of construction assumptions, material parameters and quality of the components used. Thus perfectly manufactured mechanical parts compliment state-of-the-art electronic components.

A sturdy construction

certus3-rolki_hamulcowe-cmykCERTUS devices, especially roller brake testers, have a specially reinforced external construction made of high quality steel. A special anticorrosive system based on high quality powder coating paints protects the mechanical parts from degradation of metal.

Components from top manufacturers

certus3-projekt-rolek-przekladnia2czAt the designing stage of the different devices the very best components were selected from top European manufacturers. Key elements (such as the engine and transmission gear) may be repaired separately rather than being changed as part of a set, which lowers potential post-guarantee service costs.

Engine and transmissions – stable and quiet operation

certus3-trybikiThe planetary transmissions used as standard in the universal roller device improve the durability of the drivetrain system. Due to their high transmission ratio much greater braking forces can be measured as compared to devices using traditional cylindrical transmissions. Carefully selected engines and vibration isolators ensure stable and quiet operation of the device. The roller brake tester engine for passenger cars may be supplied with an electromagnetic brake, which facilitates smooth exit for 4×4 vehicles and delivery vans.

Boge can do more

certus3-tester_amortyzatorowa11-cmykThe suspension tester works based on the BOGE method, which offers more extensive diagnostic possibilities than the one based on the Eusama principle which tests road grip only. The BOGE method is also less sensitive to the type and rigidity of the suspension and the tire pressure of the tested vehicle.

Large diameter third roller

certus3-rolka_srodkowa1-cmykThe third roller of the universal roller brake tester has got a larger diameter in order to avoid uncontrolled slip of the tested wheel. Thus the device is able to react faster to the wheel slip during a braking force test.

Roller coating

certus3-roller-coatingThe durability of the roller coating is an important factor in maintaining the accuracy of the tests but it is also important for the aesthetic appeal of the device. The material used to cover the drums has exceptional mechanical characteristics and ensures high durability.