Each stage of the production process is carried out with attention to detail. The employees of the production plant have extensive professional experience, are regularly trained and have modern equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Cut and formed elements from steel sheets and profiles go to welding, where they are controlled, and then precisely matched and welded. We use modern welding machines that allow us to weld elements of various shapes and thicknesses.

The welded bodies of the devices go either to the hot-dip galvanizing plant or to our powder coating plant. At the beginning, the surface of the new elements is chemically prepared in the phosphating process.

Powder is applied to prepared, dry and degreased surfaces using an applicator. Accurate coverage of painted surfaces is achieved thanks to the electrostatic effect. We use high-quality powders according to the recommendations of their manufacturer. Excess powder is removed by filters and high efficiency mechanical ventilation.

The applied coating achieves its target parameters during the annealing process in a special oven. The annealing is in accordance with the painting technologies recommended by paint (powder) manufacturers. The components are then cooled in a special holding area before being transported to the final assembly area.

Parts for assembly and service are stored in the warehouse. An appropriate IT system ensures the monitoring of stock levels and the preparation of sets of parts and components for production and service.

The varnished enclosures of the devices are transported to the socket final assembly stations, where they are tooled up according to the list generated by the production quality monitoring system.

Assembled devices are properly packed, labelled and placed on racks awaiting loading and shipment to our customers across whole world.