certus3-DSC_67931The CERTUS lane software has been designed as an intelligent tool which, by interacting with the user, is able to quickly and efficiently make the necessary measurements and tests and present an accurate assessment of the vehicle’s condition.

The intuitive software guides the user step by step through the process of vehicle testing.

certus3-badanie-w-toku-angThe „Testing in progress” screen – is a unique solution introduced for the comfort of the user.
During the testing process it informs of the measurements taken so far on specific devices which have been registered and assessed.

The software does not only measure but also assesses.
The user does not have to refer to external conversion tables or perform calculations based on target values.

Assessment of left and right wheel damping and the difference between these values:


The software automatically calculates the vehicle’s braking ratio as well as calculated braking ratio and compares the results with boundary values defined by the type of vehicle and its first registration date.

Ergonomic testing with no limits
DSC_2220AReinforcing the suspension tester makes it possible for a lorry to pass without the need to put on protective covers.

Vehicle inspection line CERTUS 3 – the three levels of comfort

The inspector is provided with intuitive and user friendly software, capable of making calculations automatically. A remote control simplifies the performance of the tests. The inspector is also able to stop the test, save it and return to it at any time.

The serviceman will appreciate the simplicity of use of the service software, which leads him step-by-step through the process of setting the parameters for the device performance. Thanks to an online connection with the producer’s service center, it is possible to fully diagnose the entire line at any time.

The driver will certainly notice the high aesthetic appeal of the testing devices, while the clear visualization enables him to readily understand the technical condition of his vehicle.