CERTUS 3 can guarantee high accuracy of measurements due to frequent collection of the measured values. Software stability is reinforced by using a single concentrator connected with the main board of the control unit rather than sending the data separately from each device of the test lane to the central control unit. High quality electronic components ensure smooth software operation.


CAN connection
Digital transmission collects measurement data into the main computer and protects it from external interference.

Unique inverters available as standard in the universal roller brake tester improve the durability of the drivetrain system. They make the measuring more comfortable by allowing gentle speeding-up of the rollers without the uncomfortable jerking of the tested vehicle.

Certus3-modularModular construction of the lane makes it possible to configure the line to the user’s particular needs. The devices can be set up in any order.

The wireless ZigBee® communication is used to send data from the pedal force and pressure sensor to the central control unit. ZigBee® is the latest wireless communication system, whose characteristics include low power consumption, speed of up to 256kbps and a connection range between nodes of up to 100 meters.

Certus3-zigbeeThe CERTUS remote control unit boasts a simple design and is easy to use. It is compact, ergonomic and has only a few essential buttons making it possible to navigate the screen menu quickly and intuitively. The inspection cycle can be adjusted to the user’s needs – to stop or to repeat the test in whole or in part. The remote control unit works from anywhere in the room. The long-life battery lasts a few months without the need to be re-charged.